Ramsey Spencer international fashion and lifestyle photographer born March 8th, 1981 and raised in Toronto Canada, graduated as computer engineering late 1990 from University of Toronto. His journey of photography and creativity started early 2000 when he asked to assist a photographer as handy person. From that moment Ramsey Spencer eyes opened up to the world of creativity, fashion and art photography.
Ramsey Spencer started to teach him self through experience only, he came from the film generation when you need to wait to see what are you shooting with your camera, and after he moved to the digital world and understood that its all about the mind not the gear and he start building his empire.
Ramsey Spencer start travelling around and expanding his network, he start working building his clients,  he work and shot for great internationally recognized magazine as well as independent printed fashion magazines. He works with the best and some of his clients: Gucci – Russia-, Diesel, Rufskin, Ritz Carlton, Zuza, David Sassoon, Modusvivendiand, many more, also work with the best agencies around the world : I love models, Elite , Whillehmenna, VNY, Stella, IMG, Urban, NoLogo, LA Models, Major, XRay, VN, and many more, shot the best intentional high profile and top models , Yirgos Karavas, Benjamin Benadek , Jhonattan Burjack, Simon Suisna, and many more, and shot for great magazine such as Experto Magazine, Zuza Magazine, Leica Magazine, and many international prints publication.
Ramsey Spence is based in Europe as he travel around very often, his passion of photography as well as creative art director made him stand out between everyone with his edgy dramatic style, especially when it comes to his selection of models always customize what the best for his clients and own projects.